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  • If my doctor suggests Hospice, does it mean I am going to die immediately?"
    In order to be eligible for Hospice Services, you or a loved one must be diagnosed with a life limiting illness or condition which your physicians believes will result in a life expectancy of 6 months or less. Studies consistently show that a person who receives Hospice services, especially those who receive hospice care earlier on in their disease process, will live longer than a person who does not have Hospice. Hospice will never do anything or give any medication that will shorten your life. Hospice is NOT “Euthanasia” or “Assisted Suicide”.
  • I had a relative who was on Hospice and they only lived a few days.
    Unfortunately all too often, many people are referred to Hospice Care late in their disease process. This can be because they want to try further treatment, or it can be simple denial that an illness or disease is as far advanced as a person or family realizes. Ask your physician the difficult questions before agreeing to any treatment: What kind of quality of life will I have while taking this treatment? Will this treatment really extend my life (my prognosis)? Craven County Hospice encourages everyone to receive any and all treatment they want for as long as they and their doctor believe it will help extend their life.
  • Doesn’t Hospice mean that my doctor is giving up on me?
    We all have a limited life expectancy, it is called being “mortal”. When your physician believes there is no treatment that will make you better or stop your disease progression, no matter what he/she does, Hospice becomes the “something else” they can recommend for you. It is the goal of Hospice to help everyone live life as fully as possibly for as long as possible, as free from pain as possible.
  • What do I need to do in order to start Hospice Care?
    We encourage you to ask your physician about the possibility of Hospice. With your permission, we will be glad to request a referral to Hospice services on your behalf. We are always happy to discuss the services we offer with you and or your family at any time and at no obligation to you. In order to actually begin service, a physician must write an order for one of our skilled professionals to assess your need for Hospice. If you are determined to be eligible for service, you will be asked to sign a “consent”, agreeing to begin services. It is our pledge to you to make this process as seamless as possible for you and your physician.
  • Aren’t all Hospices the same?
    One of the most widespread ideas is that all hospices are part of one big organization. The truth is there are multiple providers of Hospice Service. All of the Hospices in the area are part of either a state-wide, regional or national organization. Craven County Hospice is “not-for-profit” and the only one located only in Craven County. All hospices are governed by Medicare regulations, offering the same “basic” services. However, there are differences in terms of staffing, medications and supplies that are provided. All Hospice provide good care. We believe we give “Excellent Care”.
  • How much will Hospice Services Cost?
    Hospice is a benefit of both Medicare and Medicaid and is also paid for by most private insurance. Hospice care should result in little or no extra “out of pocket” expenses for you or your family (for anything related to your Hospice Diagnosis). Craven County Hospice does not require you to pay a “co-pay” or “deductible” to receive the care you need and deserve.
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