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The goal of Hospice is to provide end of life “Palliative Care” (the control of pain and symptoms); utilizing a team of specialists (disciplines) to provide care including physician services (working together with your doctor of choice), skilled nursing, counselors and social workers, spiritual care specialists, certified nursing assistants, as well as volunteers with a variety of skills and levels of assistance. Hospice is philosophy of care that looks at each individual as being that:  An individual.

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Our staff of skilled Registered Nurses will provide expert care, focusing on pain and symptom control for the individual. Our highly trained staff of nurses understand the most recent techniques and procedures for ensuring our patients are completely taken care of. Our nurses are skilled at maintaining the highest level of care for each patient in their home setting while also offering a personal touch that is intended to ease the tension and soothe the patient.

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For patients and families who may need more emotional support, Social Workers can provide necessary psycho-social care. Focused on the emotional well-being of a patient and the family, Social Workers can have a significant impact on the quality of life during hospice care. These highly trained professionals deal with issues including self-esteem, communication, and relationships as well as guide families through issues such as funeral arrangements, Advanced Directives for Health Care, and Health Care Power of Attorney.  They are also available to assist with placement of a loved one in a skilled facility as needed.

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Hospice can have a profound effect on not just a person’s mental and physical state; but also their spiritual state. Utilizing our Spiritual Care Support, a patient and their family can coordinate with support systems or a Chaplain to make certain their spiritual needs are being met. We recognize that “Spiritual” holds different meanings to different people, which is why our Spiritual Care Support is designed to meet the needs of any person; including those who express no religious or specific belief.

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Our Nurse Aides are professional and courteous, ensuring every patient will receive the attention they need. Each aide is highly trained in all areas of personal care which allows them to handle a myriad of tasks. Duties include, but are not limited to: dressing, bathing and feeding.

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One of the services that Craven County Hospice provides that goes beyond those required by Medicare is our Respite Aide program, which is funded by our Hospice Foundation.   As the need arises, we can provide a Certified Nursing Assistant for up to 3 hours per visit, up to 2 visits per week, to provide a break for the family and/or caregiver in the home at no cost.  This allows time for the family/caregiver to run errands, go out for personal time, or just get some rest while knowing their loved one is being cared for by a Hospice trained and caring professional.

Hospice Volunteers

Our volunteers are the essence of what we are all about. These dedicated and trained individuals perform their duties out of the kindness of their hearts. Hospice volunteers are able to take on a variety of tasks that are designed to help both the patient and the family. From simply spending time with patients to providing alternative therapies such as music or pets, our Hospice Volunteers do everything with love and compassion. They truly embody our core mission: to enhance the quality of life for individuals and their loved ones touched by a terminal illness.

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Bereavement Support

Bereavement support is a vital service that offers valuable emotional assistance to individuals coping with the loss of a loved one. At our hospice, we specialize in providing support to individuals, families, and small groups navigating the profound stages of grief and loss. Our dedicated team offers ongoing comfort, guidance, resources, and education to help individuals through this challenging journey. Bereavement support groups are held throughout the year and are available to everyone at no charge.

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